What’s up with the name

I get a lot of people asking why I call my brokerage Indy Columbus Homes. Over the past 12 years I discovered not all buyers like to limit their options to one neighborhood or one town.  In a competitive market being agile and finding the best fit for your lifestyle might mean considering a wider range of  options.  This has been such a fun and exciting month with transactions pending in Indianapolis, Columbus, and Nashville! From condos to cabins, growing families, and retirees, it’s been a joy to discover some amazing properties.

So maybe you thought this blog post was about MY name. I repeat the phrase “Colorado, like the state, my parents liked the state so they named me Colorado, yes it’s my real name” in the exact same run on sentence style since I could talk. I know when my name is about to be called because people will look at their list, look to the crowd, look at their list, scratch their head, and then start to stutter in a quizzical way C CCColorado?? I always know it’s me that they will call at thier first glance at the list. I usually spare people the pain of searching for understanding by jumping up, saying my name, and smiling. In general, I get a lot of compliments and high fives for my unique name. I do love it, so I’m thankful my parents went against the grain and named me Colorado.


Cold weather, hot market

It sure doesn’t feel like spring in Indiana, but the housing market is hopping.  Homes are pending at an incredible rate.  This weekend I dodged the snow and cold but managed to get in a couple bike rides, visit with friends, and assisted some buyers in finding their dream home.  Even houses that have been on the market for a while are receiving multiple offers.  If you are considering selling or buying it is imperative that you are prepared to act fast. I check listings for numerous clients each day.  I spied a cute downtown Indy condo with a reasonable price tag :).  Always ranking up near my favorites is the new David Weekly neighborhood near Fort Harrision State Park on Indy’s east side. New construction, urban style, gorgeous state park out your back door, Triton brewery in your back yard, and my favorite, miles of mountain bike trails.  I love doing an urban bike ride on the Fall Creek Trail to the Monon to downtown and Broad Ripple.  I am happy to share more details or answer any questions you have! Happy Monday everyone, make it a good one.